Sunday, November 9, 2008

Badger Creek caretaker winter 2007!!

I was 24 back then.

This was one of the best experiences of my life. My job was to snow machine and groom cross country trails at the base of the Tetons in Tetonia, ID.

It really looked like this every sunset. I got it before the clouds got painted by the sun so it's not as good in picture.

I was able to cross country ski around the property.

This is the yurt. One time I slept in it with a 0 degree bag. It was a bad idea, unfortunately it was 20below that night. I had cross country skied up to it so I was really warm before sleeping and couldn't tell how cold it was. I also had the stove going inside, but it turns out that the stove was a cooking stove and not a heat producing stove. All in all, the coldest night of my life.

This is the tractor I would drive and one of the snow machines I used to groom cross coutry trails. I got the sled stuck on a sharp turn and had to pull it out with the mini tractor.

Finally pictures from the cabin!
So I lost my keys a week ago and haven't found them. They have my jump drive and of course the key to my car. My jump drive has all my homework on it. Oh well. Wait I just found them.