Saturday, October 25, 2008

So I accidentally offended the people at the party with my comment. I am sorry.

Anyways, I was thinking about how I've been acting lately. It reminded me of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I think my little sister is like Lilo, completely oblivious of my energy and destructive tendencies--she just sees the cool things I can do.

And it's my mom's birthday today, so that's cool that I have sisters to remind me about that.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Sometimes parties are really a big waste of time, people aren't fun to talk to, so it's time to jump.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bowling Ball

So I broke a bowling ball and the guy let me keep it. Too strong.
I get so frustrated sometimes, and I don’t know how much my attending this university has anything to do with it. But whatever it is, there is advice being given all the time here. It’s like we live in a culture of advice givers. Everyone has every solution to every single one of our problems in every situation in our life because we feel we grasp all eternal truth. It’s like no story we go through is hard because everyone knows the ending if we make the correct plot choices, we don’t even get a chance to effectively feel the story out. Because I know the gospel is true I should know that being sad or confused is a result of sin, heaven sent trials, or some other condition that can be summarized by a scripture mastery quote. There are so many quotes and spiritual thoughts that I can’t even think! Every situation I find myself in I think, ‘Oh, I already know the problem and answer, I just need to apply through hard work and gumption;’ but, jumping to the end of the story with a scriptural solution before seeing the plot through forces me to live a scripted life. Thomas Plummer quotes S.I. Hayakawa about living a preprogrammed life:
Most people don’t know the answer to the question, “How are you? How do you feel?” The reason why they don’t know is that they are so busy feeling what they are supposed to feel, thinking what they are supposed to think, that they never get down to examining their own deepest feelings. "How did you like the play?" "Oh, it was a fine play. It was well reviewed in The New Yorker.@ With authority figures like drama critics and book reviewers and teachers and professors telling us what to think and how to feel, many of us are busy playing roles, fulfilling other people's expectations. As Republicans, we think what other Republicans think. As Catholics, we think what other Catholics think. And so on. Not many of us ask ourselves, “How do I feel? What do I think?” C and wait for an answer.[i]

2. Thomas G. Plummer, "Diagnosing and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome," Lecture delivered to Delta Phi Alpha, the German Honor Society at BYU, April 5, 1990.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So today I was frustrated up the wahzoo! So instead of going to devotional I went to the temple. Luckily the devotional was the Rexburg temple president talking about how we should go to the temple more. Then I didn't do any more homework the rest of the day, just played sports and worked out. I realized something today: I hate sitting still. One of the sets during swim practice was a 900 im! Then I ran a dry land practice with my swim team latter tonight. We ran 2miles and then did a series of 100m sprints with pushups and situps in the middle. After than me and my roommate went and played catch with so girls for a while. All I did today was run around and I loved it, so much happier than when in my English classes. Well I have just more clearly defined a need I need to fill and not feel bad about.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

a little energy + inbetween conference session + frustrations with every single girl in Rexburg + a big box of apples + a baseball bat + roommates = fun

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


"It was their beliefs and the motivation that came therefrom that pulled them through. Evevryone of us is largely the product of his or her beliefs. Our behavior is governed by these. They become our standards of conduct." --This I Believe, Gordon B. Hinckley