Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So today I was frustrated up the wahzoo! So instead of going to devotional I went to the temple. Luckily the devotional was the Rexburg temple president talking about how we should go to the temple more. Then I didn't do any more homework the rest of the day, just played sports and worked out. I realized something today: I hate sitting still. One of the sets during swim practice was a 900 im! Then I ran a dry land practice with my swim team latter tonight. We ran 2miles and then did a series of 100m sprints with pushups and situps in the middle. After than me and my roommate went and played catch with so girls for a while. All I did today was run around and I loved it, so much happier than when in my English classes. Well I have just more clearly defined a need I need to fill and not feel bad about.


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jessamyn barnette said...

It's true! You're like Michael Phelps, happiest when you're moving! who is "success"?

jessamyn barnette said...

yeah i went to that holiday in paradise blog, it's just an advertisment.

Cami said...

I like this blog. I never read the ones from back when I didn't know you. I love that you go to the temple often and reflect on the things that really matter in life. It seems like you were kind of frustrated during this time, hopefully things have got a lot better. You are awesome!