Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Years

So I finally finished reading Jesus the Christ again. It has taken me 3 years. The reason why it has taken me so long is as follows:
  1. I have been majoring in English with minors in History and Economics--this means limited discretionary reading time.
  2. It wasn't a straight read through--I was looking for themes in Christ's teaching style and actions.
  3. It's 736 pages and I read slow.

I did this because I had a teacher say one day in class that he was going to his doctoral dissertation on the pedagogy of Christ. I told him after class that I wanted to be his research assistant. He said ok; so, I started researching Jesus the Christ (written by James Talmage). I did this while I was working at Anasazi. My teacher abandoned the project, but I could not. I don't like to give up. It's not that big a deal but I'm proud that I didn't give up.

This is the link to my report: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddff6qx9_33gj2fnwhd


monica said...

i started reading that book once. i really wish i could finish it. someday.

jessamyn said...

I started reading it last year... You've inspired me to finish it... but it might take me 5 years. You're amazing and you're teacher is lame.

jessamyn said...

I mean "your teacher" not "you're teacher"

Jessica Tingey said...

this is cool. i want a project like this.