Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What an information overload I experience every day! There is too much, so much to absorb, process, and weigh every day. I feel entertained to death, not as of recent but as a generation. I do not think it is anyone's fault. I think efficiency in communication, education, and mass production with higher rates of global political and economic stability have created a society in which I have to chose to not be entertained. I can see in one evening the quality and intensity of entertainment that people used to save up for a whole week for. Or so I read in my history books.

One time I got my back scratched so much in church that my back became numb and I just wanted to listen to the talks. I can't handle music, internet, and tv as much as what happens at college. And so I go this summer up to work at a ranch in Victor, ID. I need time to feel. I don't want to be the audience that the White Stripes are describing:

If I could govern better, possibly by kicking roommates out of the apartment, the amount of noise media I would not need to do this. Battle on ADD.


monica said...

i'm confused by this post. and what audience do you mean? he describes 2 different kinds of you mean the one that he described as paying and then expecting some kind of performance of entertainment?

Oliver said...