Friday, August 28, 2009


Recently I finished working in the Teton Valley and working at Sky Mountain Ranch.

And then I drove 44 hours straight to Maine to work at the Leadership School at Kieve. I don't know why everything happens the way it does and why we sometimes don't get what we want but I believe it's because the Lord is preparing something better for us. It's part of the tapestry of life. Right?
This is exiting but not where I necessarily want to end up. I miss people, especially those people I think are the best thing ever. I have no idea how the next year will turn out. But I know how I'd like it to turn out.


monica said...


so you listened to the cds i made you on your long drive right? k good.

oh you think im the best thing ever? thanks!wink.

i like that cheesy stance in that one picture. you know the one.

Kate said...

Amazing video and pictures, Son. I have many questions.