Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Mission was Real Life

On my mission I found a pattern. That pattern was that the Lord blessed you for your efforts. Life was spiritually holistic. If I was poor at memorizing but worked at it and tracted my heart out, even if I didn't get anything from that tracting--somehow things worked out. I was blessed because I was trying, even if the trying was unrelated to the area I was seeking blessings in. (I don't care about the preposition rule.) However, in college if you are poor in writing but work really hard and do well in other areas, too bad you're dead--college is not holistic and if you want to do well you have to do well regardless of your proportional conditino. Effort means nothing. I don't think life is like college. Same with college itself. I believe that life works out like a mission. You work hard, do your best, and things will work out. Because honestly people fall short of so many things in so many ways there is no way we could collectively honestly qualify for blessings. The efforts of our hearts and faith qualify us. Life is holistic and the Lord is over all. D&C 4.


Ande Payne said...

Would it have helped your discouragement if I sat next to you in 331 today? I bet so. Sorry friend.

Oh, and I agree.

Kate said...

A beautiful and inciteful post. And very true. Life is not like college, I promise. What does "conditino" mean? Are you discouraged?