Monday, September 21, 2009

Recent Thoughts

I am enjoying my time in Maine. I think it's a dirty state in certain ways but beautiful in others. Everyone is a sailor here so they all swear like one.

The state capitol looks huge, but it's like a hollywood set, super small when you walk around it.

I had stake conference this weekend and then last night listened to the CES fireside in which President Dalton spoke. She spoke on virtue. She said without chastity there is no virtue and vice-versa. So true. This weekend supercharged me. It helped me to see how distracting life can be. There are so many things that just don't matter and that suck our focus from us. There is so much of a lack of discipline in those around. Sometimes it seems like discipline and pertinacity is all I've got under me. Grit is something tangible and saves us from the distractions that everyone else allows as necessities. I love to have fun, but how can you have any fun at all if you're not driven towards something great? What do you even have to take a break from?


Kate said...

I'm looking forward to visiting this beautiful state, and hopefully staying away from the sailors.

elizabeth said...

you look so cute in the pictures. you always remind me of what a slacker I am when you talk about how you get distracted.

kanabanana said...

What a beautiful place to be! While I love the desert and find it beautiful...I miss green!!

Que Sera said...

Hi Oliver,
I was on the Leadership School webpage today and I saw that you were working there. I was the first BYUI student to go there. I am glad that there are more of you there. I loved it, but sometimes it was lonely without any other LDS folks around. As you know they don't always have the highest morals. The branch saved me. Tell them hi for me. Enjoy it. Do good.
~Sarah Hintze (Bekah's sister. I saw your blog on hers. I'm not a stalker;)