Thursday, April 22, 2010

Because my mom checks my blog every day, here are some of the things I've been up to:

Books I'm Currently Reading
The Infinite Atonement
Mornings on Horseback
Edersheim's Life and Times
Always the Scriptures
Walden Pond
What Lincoln Believed
The Endurance

Fun Places I've Been Lately
Acadia National Park!!!
Old North Church and some other American Revolution Sites
Boston, Salem, Vermont, New Hampshire
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, Marshall Point Lighthouse
Walden Pond
A couple of old forts
Fenway Park
Boat Building School
Of course the Boston Temple
Camden and Rockport

Fun things I've Seen or Experienced
OAR music
Yankees Redsox Game at Fenway
Juggler juggling 9 balls
Did a polar bear jump - 3 times
A professional Clown hose me down with CO2
Jason Veritek hit a homerun over the green monster at Fenway
Bonfire on a rocky beach with an orange moon rising out of the ocean

Great Eats!
Tennessee BBQ! I loved it - ate there three times - I wish there were more around.
On Veterans weekend I ate 3 fresh lobsters with clams and such.
Pizza in Little Italy in Boston
Klondike came out with a huge ice cream Oreo we have on campus

Things I've done
Kept my standards
Woken up every single morning at 6:30 and studied
Made my bed military style with sheets folded at top every morning
A lot of break dancing for the kids.
Played a lot of Ga ga ball with the kids
Given the kids man speaches and interviews every night
Kept to myself to feel and learn


Bonnie said...

It sounds like you've slowed down (to 90 miles an hours)and taken it easy. Keep it up!

FYI: John and I were recently called to be Ward mission leader / missionaries for the fourth time. Love it!!

Carla said...

I would love to live in Boston... for a little while (it's generally too cold for my taste, but the culture is awesome)!

And that's nice that your mom reads your blog... i don't think we've converted my mom to blog following yet

Kate said...

Whadya know - I don't check for a few days and you update. Great post, wonderfully interesting life that you're leading - I'm proud.

sarah h. said...

I loved ga-ga ball.