Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Wish List

2. Focus (the attribute not the car)

3. Camel back - or any water backpack that doesn't leak.

4. A cool job.

5. Rhodia Journal - orange journal

6. A catamaran trip around the world

7. Basketball Shorts - Underarmour

8. Tickets to the eventual George St Pierre v Anderson Silva fight

9. Black Athletic ankle socks - Underarmour, nike.

10. Darth Vader's heart, still beating

11. A t-shirt (large)

12. Inception, I want to create an inception in someone's mind.

13. 59Fifty Orioles black baseball hat - I don't know my hat size, so good luck

14. 4:00 Minute Mile. I don't want to break it yet, I don't want to get greedy.

15. A Nike Lunar running shoe, any model but preferably the Eclipse model.

16. Road Trip location package to a cool National Park, maybe the Channel Islands off of the California coast.

**I would ask for a book but I know those who buy books will get me one no matter what I ask for; and, I have too many unread to get more.

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