Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hi My name is Oliver.

I like to jump.

Today I accidentally threw away my wallet while eating at Wendy's. We (MPA students) were celebrating by eating frosties.

I realized about 4hrs later what I had done. Dumpster diving was the only solution.

Do you know how much trash Wendy's throws away every day?!

We checked receipts for times of purchase to narrow our searches.

Checked contents to see if the trash was from the right trash can.

There was a lot of trash.

I prayed.

And just as some thought there's no way I'm going to find it. . .

It worked. I found my wallet.

Some where in all of this.


jessamyn said...

OH NO!!! That's horrible! Was your wallet on your tray? I am sooo glad you were able to find it, and I'm even more glad that your friends were nice enough to help!

Kiahna Williams said...

I have no words...other than glad you found it!!

elizabeth said...

No way!! Crazy story and pictures

Bekah said...

ha, thats so great. Oliver Crane Merry Christmas.

Chan said...

Oliver, this is one of my favorite things. Really, I've been making a list of favorite things lately, and this is going on there, right after "The cover art for the original Mega Man game."

Kate said...

I love this - thanks for the documentary evidence of the power of hard work and prayer!

iBo said...

Oh Ovulator, how I miss thee. Remember when you couldn't find your keys and I found them on your desk?

Jenny said...

This is so disgusting, but I am happy it worked out for you.