Wednesday, December 9, 2009


(Note about the picture above: Jackson was crying and as soon as I held him and cupped his head with my hand he stopped. I'm not sure if he was terrified or if he felt safe. I felt a little bad and I hope he didn't think I was going to crush him.)

Thanks everyone for being life for me. For being examples. For all the times I call and ask for help, ask for reassurance, or to tell you something I'm excited about. For being people to react and respond to-life wouldn't mean much without you.

And I feel grateful most often when I am still, when I don't force things. Example: I was in the weight room and swimming pool tonight working out with some kids going into BUDs (Navy SEALs). They were doing a whole bunch of push-ups and pull-ups and stuff and I joined in a bit. But the excellent thing is that I didn't finish everything they did. The swimming part was pretty easy so I didn't have to push much. I am definitely not in the push-up pull-up shape I used to be in so I just didn't finish all of it. In the past I could have done twice what they did by sheer numbers alone. But I didn't want to push myself. I'm still loved without being in SEAL mode. More importantly I just didn't care that I wasn't tough enough or whatever.

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