Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is a story about a recent tender mercy. Earlier this year I felt I should apply for an internship with the Heritage Foundation. It's a political think tank in DC. I didn't have much going on until grad school so I thought it would be fun. So I got an internship with the Foundation through the help of my professors. It wasn't exactly the internship I wanted but I can't be picky right? I got the offer a week before Thanksgiving and had to decide by the Monday before Thanksgiving. I think I was in Michigan when I called and declined the offer. I realized it wasn't for me.
Then on Wednesday while Matt was taking pictures of granite columns outside of Mount Rushmore, I went inside to look at the books and ranger stuff. I started talking with the ranger and he offered me an internship. I didn't believe it. I told him to wait while I went to get a resume. What are the odds that I would have one readily available amongst everything that I own. But I did and gave it to him. He left ten minutes later to leave to the other side of the state for a family thanksgiving dinner. Good timing. On Saturday morning I emailed him references and stuff. The Monday after Thanksgiving I called the ranger to see if he got my materials. He said he did and then he gave me the internship.
This is how the internship goes: I will be giving two types of tours and a possible 3rd one. The first will be a 1/2 hour trail walk around the base of the monument. All I have to do is spend a half hour talking about why the men are there. Within those parameters I can do whatever I want. The point is to inspire and teach the American people about what made this country and to inspire stewardship in their hearts. The second is about the building of the monument. The third is before an audience of 3 thousand in the amphitheatre and it is strictly patriotic and meant to inspire and to teach. It's like missionary pre-discussions.
On Monday I turned down an amazing internship opportunity and on Wednesday I got a much better, cooler, custom fitted one.


Kate said...

You are such a great example of living right.

Oliver said...

I don't know about that. But I'll take what I can get.

Jessica Tingey said...

that is so great! so good to hear.

Donna said...

Wow! Great story. Dan really wants to come see Mt. Rushmore. How long will you be there and is it open all winter?

Oliver said...

I'm starting in May will be there for 12 weeks. I think it's open all winter too. But the hours vary depending on the season.