Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'll copy My Sister

I am copying elizabeth who has copied heather. Here are some things for which I am grateful.

Nov. 1
1. Pictures of good times
2. Road Trips and Back flips
3. Maine and Mount Rushmore

Nov. 2
1. Soccer
2. Answering questions
3. The smell of pumpkins and fall

Nov. 3
1. Spiking hard in volleyball
2. The word BAM
3. My Organizational Behavior class and learning about keys to creativity and insight - mixing it up

Nov. 4
1. Man talk
2. Knowing it's ok to be me even if that means not wanting to earn a lot of money
3. Knowing life will click eventually, it has in the past

Nov. 5
1. Telephone Murder Charades
2. Salt on Avocados
3. Prayer and PowerPoint homework over essays any day

Nov. 6
1. The Decemberists' songs CraneWife 1,2, & 3 and the Mariner's Revenge Song
2. Homeless People
3. Good friends who call me on the phone and tell me good things


Kate said...

I'm grateful you're grateful
And what is this picture?

Kiahna Williams said...

Okay, so you will have to tell me about Telephone Murder Charades! and explain--why you are grateful for homeless people? I have my suspicions. Seeing a homeless person reminds me how grateful I am for having a home, and family to turn to. Is that why they made your list?

monica said...


im glad you are making these lists.

Mandy said...