Friday, November 12, 2010

All at Once

Hoover Dam. Have you see this?

Nov. 23
1. My mom took me to see a fun movie and then to lunch.
2. Getting a bunch of homework done.
3. Being involved with planning in the Boys & Girls club.

Nov. 22
1. Movies. They are fun.
2. Mandy. I know her from Maine and she reminded me of what a great experience that was.
3. Good fitting T-shirts.

Nov. 21
1. Sis. Axley's talk on miracles. It made me stop and think about my life and the miracles I've had. Apparently you don't have to go to Harvard or have a perfect life to be good enough.
2. A good strengthening google chat conversation about Elder Busche's life.
3. I was able to sketch out some ideas for a documentary I want to make.

Nov. 20
1. Ryan, my friend since the age of 4.
2. Saw two black bears in Shenandoah National Park.
3. An employee from the GAO sent me an email in response to our conversation saying that working at the GAO is boring and you don't actually do anything. You just write about what other people do. I would hate that.

Nov. 19
1. Skype - I co-hosted my ward's Price is Right game show in Provo while in DC. Really funny.
2. The week is over, now I can sleep.
3. Jennica for making me laugh over a large intercom system while hosting the Price is Right.

Nov. 18
1. Went to a calm social Mormon party in Alexandria. It was a good breather.
2. Sugar cookies with a big frosting 'S'.
3. Although I stayed up till 3am to finish a project I'm grateful I had something to do.

Nov. 17
1. NPR, I visited them today. They're snobs but it was still cool to see what goes into it.
2. Walking in amazing weather.
3. Architecture that is classic, enduring, and solid.

Nov. 16
1. Timing.
2. Norman Rockwell paintings - specifically the 'Freedom of Speech' one - it was so great to look at them in person.
3. Sincere people.

Nov. 15
1. Oil Paintings.
2. Free Museums in DC - they haven't privatized beauty.
3. Left over money on my Metro Card from last year.

Nov. 14
1. Good examples.
2. My mom for driving me and friends to the hotel.
3. Although things are always changing, I am grateful that some things stay the same long enough to learn from them even if it takes a few years - Like Gettysburg.

Nov. 13
1. Sleep, it saves me from throwing up while flying. I'd rather drive
2. My mom always having food for me. It means she loves me.
3. My mom getting a new house that's everything she wants and deserves.

Nov. 12
1. Homework. I am grateful I have things to do. Much better than nothing.
2. Carl Bloch. I went to his exhibit tonight on campus. Amazing, and free. Used an IPad as a tour guide, way cool.
3. Microsoft Excel. Yup, that's right.

Nov. 11
1. When my MPA program Team clicks well.
2. Music on my laptop.
3. My bed even though it sinks into the center of the earth.


Jennica said...

You are grateful for me!

Come home!

Happy Thanksgiving!

monica said...

a. when do you write each of these? on the date listed?
b. i had to look up what GAO is.
c. what 'fun' movie did you see?
d. we have a Shenandoah housing complex near where i live
e. what is the S on the cookies for?
f. npr huh? i would love to visit them...have you seen their tiny desk music series? if not ask me about them
g. i love the architecture in switzerland soooo much. i cant remember, have you been to europe?
h. i grew up with norman rockwell...well meaning we had a book with his art and then my dad has this painting of his he has had forever. i like his art.
i. i was sick on my flight to Newark(when connecting headed to switzerland) and it was awful. i took too many pills that morning from being sick and didnt eat or drink enough. so it made me sick, less than ideal when flying.
the end.