Sunday, November 7, 2010

What is going on?

Gratitude November 7
1. Teaching Gospel Doctrine
2. My sister making me grilled cheese and tomato soup
3. People forgiving and forgetting
3.a. Friends who validate when you weren't looking for it.

In answer to the previous post's questions:
1. That picture was of me flipping off a lobster boat into the ocean off the coast of Maine.

2. Telephone Murder Charades is the funnest game in the world next to ga-ga ball (which is a form of dodge ball which neutralizes competition and aggression.) One person from one team has to act out a long elaborate way someone can die which the other team makes up. Then the next person has to watch the acting job and act it out for the next person and so on. So funny.

3. I am grateful for homeless people because they humble me. They make me realize a lot about this mortality. I don't believe it matters why they are begging. I beg all the time in my prayers for stuff I don't deserve.


Kiahna Williams said...

You're right, we are all beggars in some way. I <3 tomato soup and grilled cheese! Goldfish in it is great too!

Kate said...

Well said, Son, well said.

monica said...

not only homeless singular, but poverty as a whole. when i was in egypt, cairo to be exact, i was amazed how poor and run down that city was. every car there seemed to be many years old or a handy down from europe and dirt roamed the streets as much as cockroaches. people wore clothing that seemed extremely outdated and what is left over from the amazing empire the ancient egyptians built is remnants of pyramids and a city in shambles. it opens your eyes. for one you see wow, i can really live without so much in my life and also you can see how grateful you are to have what you do have. and so much more can be discovered depending on what lesson you are to be learning for yourself at that moment.