Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mom and Boston and More

My mom came up to visit me the other weekend. You can see her in this picture of us to the left with the EAT sign. I have no idea who the woman in the beanie is.
I also fended off some creepy guy in a North Face store. He wanted me to buy stuff for him. I didn't. I felt clean and honest after.

The LOVE thing in Rockland, ME. The sun was bright.

I finally got to go to the Boston Temple. I am grateful that it is there and that I can go to it, and feel and learn.

I am excited to go to the temple for the rest of my life. An older woman was in the car with us for the ride and she was funny, she was kind.

I have heard multiple times that "A Man for all Seasons" was Gordon B Hinckley's favorite movie. I can tell why. I accidentally purchased it while buying some online books for my Africa class. I watched it. The cinematography is excellent, especially for the time. The music was seldom heard which is a plus in my opinion. If you can't deliver emotion through plot and dialogue you should look into another trade(but then what would happen to Hollywood?) The strand that made this movie perfect in my mind are the ideas that are at play, and the acting which delivered some superbly written dialogue. The role of conscience in this movie is as it should be, ever present and ever dictating one's actions.

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monica said...

look at you cute blogger!

i admit i was confused about your mom being the beanie wearer...thought "hmm didnt think olivers mom would look like that" but then i reread what you wrote and saw your mom in the other corner. she is cute.

i want to a. live in maine b. live in boston.