Saturday, October 31, 2009

That's right sir. They're glasses sir.

I break and or bend my glasses almost every day. Normally it's from getting hit in the face by someones body that I am wrestling or some ball of some kind. Whatever the reason I hate glasses. Yesterday while playing catch I took my glasses off to bend them a bit and the metal rim around the lens completely broke. I knew this time would come. Every thing breaks. This summer I broke a crowbar. Back to the point, I purchased 2 pairs of the glasses above. They were $25 with prescription and everything. I am excited to see again with nerd glasses. It's a new style and I don't think it will last long because I now can find good cheap glasses for like $10. I can break them without feeling guilty anymore! Wrestling city here I come.

More importantly, my sister had a baby this week. He is not named after me and I am still coming to terms with this. Lilly and I will be forming a protest committee.

Have you ever made maybe one of the most difficult decisions of your life and realised you made the best decision and that you did it because you were a better person than you used to be? I had a situation like that recently. Daily scripture study, prayer, and temple attendance changes who we are in a good way if done with sincerity. It's just how it is.

And finally, every night this week I gave the boys in a cabin a 'how to become a man' speech. Monday night I talked to them about how to treat women. When I finished they asked if I could give them another 'how to become a man' speech the next night. They got quiet and in their bunks Tuesday night waiting for what I would say. Tuesday I talked to them about integrity, Wednesday about values (what you would have integrity about), and Thursday night I gave them their final talk about work and service--that they needed to be good for someone else not just for themselves. What a full week!


jessamyn said...

I like seasoning in my soup.
Ha ha, don't forget the bowling ball you broke! I like those glasses, I think they will look stylish. I need $25 glasses, not because I break them but because your namesake breaks them.
I didn't want Jackson to be named Oliver... then it would take away the specialness of Johnny Oliver.
Those kids are so lucky to have you, none of them will ever forget you!!

Ande Payne said...

Oliver James (lost in the rain)...Angie and I live together and almost daily we say things like, "I miss Oliver." Hope you are doing well my friend!

elizabeth said...

You're funny. Lilly has come to terms with Jackson's will too.