Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Final Countdown

I have six days left till I drive back west. I am excited. I have had a great time coming here, the branch has been amazing. I do not know where I'll be in January. I could be in Rexburg, the Arizona desert, Maine, or Washington DC. If I get the internship in DC I don't know if I could pass it up seeing as how it could positively affect the rest of my life and my future family's quality of life. However, so could following a prompting of the spirit in another direction. Promptings trump anything, as long as I'm strong enough to listen and obey.

I am excited for:

  • the continuity of a job and the blessings of a calling.
  • the benefits of hard work and remuneration to save for necessities.
  • stability in order to pursue friendships, family, coaching, grappling, creation, and education.
  • a life of faith and the knowledge that it replaces loneliness and trials.

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