Saturday, November 28, 2009

Road Trip Dos

These pictures are in order. I also saw Ft. Knox-but you're not allowed to take pictures of it. It was a great way to get across the counrty. There were weird situations and tender mercies. This year there have been defining moments and opportunities that have far surpassed my greatest expectations. I suppose them surpassing my greatest expectations is what makes them tender mercies.

Grateful for:
the Lousiville Slugger baseball bat I was able to purchase for $17
being able to stay with my good friend Matt
huge dogs
my worn-in soccer cleats
documentaries and Ken Burns
big skies
music that moves me
being generally stronger than most 13 year olds
my shoes that have lasted for over 2 1/2 years--rare
my car and an open country of roads
the National Park system
Maine, Kieve/TLS, and all the people there
Scripture and prayer
good deals on backpacks and jackets


jessamyn said...

Wow, what didn't you see?!!? I like your glasses, you look like Seth Cohen from The O.C.... I watch that show everyday so its on my mind. Come see me!

Ande said...

Cool post.

Kate said...

Love the pictures! And I need an explanation on the Forrest Gump picture.

Oliver said...

Wax museum next to Niagra Falls. Biggest waste of $9.